what our customers have said about us:

Very happy with frame and the service that you provided to me. The staff were all very helpful anytime I rang. Thanks again for all your professionalism.

Norman Caldwell, Carlow, Client

Build Process

Here’s how we do it.

  1. Site survey: We come to site and assess conditions, confirm the final cost and agree the location. To do this we will require you to confirm that there are no underground services at this location.

  2. Manufacture: We assemble the panels in our factory ready for delivery.
  3. Confirm exact location: We will agree on the exact location of the OuterSpace Studio and the foundation pads. At this point, you will need to confirm that there are no underground services which may be in the way of the proposed foundation pads
  4. Foundations: number of concrete pads are laid down.
  5. Floor structure: Floor panels are anchored on the foundation pads.
  6. Wall structure: Wall panels are fitted and anchored to the floor structure.
  7. Roof structure: Roof panels or rafters are attached to these external walls.
  8. Windows and Doors: Your choice of windows and doors are fitted.
  9. External cladding: Your choice of high grade cladding is fitted horizontally or vertically.
  10. Insulation: Insulation is fitted to the floors, external walls and ceiling.
  11. Internal finish: Plasterboard is fitted to walls and ceiling, taped and jointed, ready for painting.
  12. Floor: OSB 3 flooring is fitted. You are now ready to install your choice of floor finish.
  13. Roof Finish: Roof membrane is fitted to the flat roof structure. Profiled tile sheet is fitted to pitched roof structure and available in four colours.
  14. Electrics and fittings
    • Fully fitted electric cabling and fuse box
    • 1 internal drop light centrally located
    • 2 external lighting points
    • 2 double plug sockets
    • 1 phone point
    • 1 television point
  15. It is the responsibility of the client to run cables and connect electrical power, television and telephone to the unit.
  16. Rainwater guttering: PVC rainwater gutters and downpipe to ground level are installed.