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We enjoyed the building experience with you and have a home that we are very proud and confident in.

Nuala Bourke, Homeowner, Cork

Pitched Roof

Cross section of pitched roof

A. Profiled tile sheet

  • Tile sheets consisting of coated steel sheeting with the appearance of traditional roof tiles
  • Available in four colours

B. 35x50mm timber roofing battens

  • Kiln dried and stress graded providing framework for roof finish

C. Breather roofing felt

D. 219 x 44mm timber rafters

  • Kiln dried and stress graded providing structural framework for the roof

E. 200mm thick insulating material

  • Non-combustible insulation
  • Provides energy efficiency to the building

F. 500 gauge polythene vapour barrier

  • Prevents moisture created in your living space entering the timber frame area

G. 12.5mm plain inner lining of plasterboard taped and jointed

  • Provides a clean smooth finished surface on the inside face of the wall
  • Allows paint to be fitted directly
  • Also provides fire resistance to the structure