what our customers have said about us:

We are delighted with our timber-frame home. The excellent build-quality of the frame has been commented on by all tradesmen on-site. Their professional service throughout the build meant our house was finished on-time and on-budget.

Niall & Deirdre Kearney, Clients, Co. Louth

On Being Green

Like you, we are increasingly aware of the need to have regard for our natural environment. Issues such as our carbon footprint, energy efficient design, waste minimisation, and the use of sustainable and renewable materials are to the forefront of our thoughts during the design and development of our OuterSpace Studios.

  • Our structural frame is made of timber which is carbon neutral
  • Our timber is sourced from sustainably managed forests where for every tree harvested, at least one is planted in its place
  • Our OuterSpace Studios are highly insulated with a low energy requirement
  • Our designs are fully flexible in terms of the orientation, thereby enabling you to maximise your solar gain
  • Our process involves off-site construction as much as possible, a process which enables us to minimise waste to landfill

By choosing an OuterSpace Studio you can join us in our efforts to improve the environment.