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The difficult nature of our site with regard to accessibility and overhead cables presented complications. Your advice, patience and invaluable experience allowed us to create our dream home. Your expertise and professionalism was equally impressive. I would happily recommend you to your best friends.

Eamonn Corbett, Client, Co. Cork

Get Outer Space.com for 2010 - spaces designed by you, for you!

Wednesday 16 December 2009

Get Outer Space.com for 2010 - spaces designed by you, for you!

They say that staying in is the new going out, and looking for cost-effective and sensible ways to expand your living and working space, as well as potentially creating more income by working from home is what many people are doing in these straightened times.

GetOuterSpace.com is the cost effective way to conveniently and simply transform your garden space into stylish living or working space. If your life needs more room for whatever reason, you can now plan and design a studio space with GetOuterSpace.com that meets your exact requirements. Your new studio might be a home office, a study for teenagers (or college kids who can't afford to leave home just yet), it could be a gym or a yoga studio or a granny flat - and you can design it just as you want it.

With the unique SpaceMaker design tool, the choice is at your fingertips. You can design an Outerspace Studio to suit your own style as well as your requirements and budget, save your design and update it later, print a detailed presentation including images, specifications and costs on your design and then, when you're happy with your plan, simply email a request for a site visit. At this visit GetOuter Space.com will carry out a site appraisal and assess access, giving you 'one to one' attention, confirming every last detail of your order. Your Outerspace studio is then delivered and professionally installed according to an agreed schedule.

Get Outer Space.com's team built their reputation at Cygnum, one of Ireland's leading suppliers of timber frame buildings since its foundation in 1996. This core team have been involved in thousands of residential projects across the country and throughout the UK and have earned an excellent reputation in the process. Get Outer Space.com harnesses this expertise, allowing Irish homeowners grow their living space with a stylish, bright and airy room.

Get Outer Space.com is designed and manufactured to the highest standard. The materials are chosen to ensure you have a comfortable, long-lasting and energy efficient addition to your living space, using timber frame construction, the latest offsite construction methods and the most advanced automated production lines.

So for inner harmony when it comes to extra space, Get OUter Space.com uses the green space in your garden to meet your needs in a green way!

Note: Green credentials
  • By using timber instead of concrete approximately 1 tonne of CO2 is saved
  • The timber used is entirely from sustainable forests where for every tree felled more than 1 is planted in its place
  • With much better insulation than standard forms of construction the energy usage and running costs are far less
  • The 'offsite' nature of the product results in significantly less wastage during construction

All of the above results in a product which is much better for the environment and for your pocket!