what our customers have said about us:

After looking at a number of different timberframe companies, you became the only choice and we were glad to have done so. The speed and professionalism of the team who put up the frame was the highlight of the experience, 1 week and it was completed! While there were issues (as with any project of this type)the team, from CEO to engineer ensured the issues were solved, which is testament to their commitment of getting it right for their customers. Highly recommended.

David Ferguson & Laura Burns, Co. Kildare

Flat Roof

Cross secrtion of flat roof

A. Roof membrane

  • TPO Flexible polypropylene alloy membrane
  • The completely integrated rubber component gives mechanical toughness and high flexibility

B. 80mm thick insulating material

  • Non-combustible insulation
  • Provides energy efficiency to the building

C. 1000 gauge polythene vapour barrier

  • Prevents moisture created in your living space entering the timber frame area

D. 18mm OSB3 sheeting board

  • Providing a sound sub-structure for roof finishes

E. 219 x 44mm tapered timber joist

  • Kiln dried and stress graded providing structural framework for the roof

F. 12.5mm plain inner lining of plasterboard taped and jointed

  • Provides a clean smooth finished surface on the inside face of the wall
  • Allows paint to be fitted directly
  • Also provides fire resistance to the structure