what our customers have said about us:

We are delighted with our timber-frame home. The excellent build-quality of the frame has been commented on by all tradesmen on-site. Their professional service throughout the build meant our house was finished on-time and on-budget.

Niall & Deirdre Kearney, Clients, Co. Louth

External Walls

Cross section of wall

A. 12.5mm plain inner lining of plasterboard taped and jointed

  • Provides a clean smooth finished surface on the inside face of the wall
  • Allows paint to be applied directly
  • Also provides fire resistance to the structure

B. 500 gauge polythene vapour barrier

  • Prevents moisture created in your living space entering the timber frame area

C. 140x38mm structural timber frame at 600mm centres

  • Kiln dried, stress graded and pressure treated timber
  • This is the engineered structural frame that provides the structural fabric of the building

D. 140mm thick insulating material

  • Non-combustible insulation
  • Provides excellent energy efficiency to the building

E. 9mm OSB3 sheeting board

  • Provides the timber frame structure with racking resistance

F. Waterproof breather membrane

  • Allows moisture from inside the frame dissipate into the cavity
  • Prevents water from the outside entering the frame

G. 50 mm clear cavity

  • Provides a clear space for air circulation
  • Allows for ventilation between the timber frame and the external leaf

H. 150mm wide external timber cladding

  • Vertical/horizontal profiled cladding available in western red cedar or douglas fir
  • Cladding available in a choice of different colours