what our customers have said about us:

Thanks to a great engineering and design team and you made the project very easy and efficient to manage.

Dan O'Connor, Builder, Kerry

External Walls

Cross section of wall

A. 12.5mm plain inner lining of plasterboard taped and jointed

  • Provides a clean smooth finished surface on the inside face of the wall
  • Allows paint to be applied directly
  • Also provides fire resistance to the structure

B. 500 gauge polythene vapour barrier

  • Prevents moisture created in your living space entering the timber frame area

C. 140x38mm structural timber frame at 600mm centres

  • Kiln dried, stress graded and pressure treated timber
  • This is the engineered structural frame that provides the structural fabric of the building

D. 140mm thick insulating material

  • Non-combustible insulation
  • Provides excellent energy efficiency to the building

E. 9mm OSB3 sheeting board

  • Provides the timber frame structure with racking resistance

F. Waterproof breather membrane

  • Allows moisture from inside the frame dissipate into the cavity
  • Prevents water from the outside entering the frame

G. 50 mm clear cavity

  • Provides a clear space for air circulation
  • Allows for ventilation between the timber frame and the external leaf

H. 150mm wide external timber cladding

  • Vertical/horizontal profiled cladding available in western red cedar or douglas fir
  • Cladding available in a choice of different colours