what our customers have said about us:

Any apprehensions we had about timber frame have been completely washed away. We are very pleased with our house and enjoyed our experience with you.

Mortimer Downey, Home Owner, Cork

Construction FAQs

  1. How long are the builders on site?

  2. What do I have to do before work commences on site?

  3. What do I have to do after work finishes on site?

  4. Can I get an OuterSpace Studio if I live in a house with restricted access to the back garden?

  5. Is my garden damaged during construction?

  6. Is it a better building system than conventional construction methods for an extension?

  7. Is it a better living and working area than a conventional extension?

  8. How is the OuterSpace Studio heated?

  9. How well insulated is the OuterSpace Studio?

  10. How is the rainwater drained from the roof?

  11. Does an OuterSpace Studio have TV, data and phone connectivity?

  12. Is the OuterSpace Studio environmentally friendly?

  13. How long does the OuterSpace Studio last?

  14. Where can I see an OuterSpace Studio?